Ogmen ORo is a smart robot companion and guardian for your beloved dog

Robots are invading our homes, in one way or another. There are the rolling discs that are robot vacuum cleaners, and there are a growing number of cute robots that aim to provide entertainment and sometimes even security for the whole family. Well, at least the human members of the family. Some households have “small” a.k.a. furry family members, and these are often left unserved by these modern innovations. Worse, they’re sometimes even put at risk because of how some smart home robots are not designed with pets in mind. Turning the tables around, Ogmen Robotics is revealing at CES 2024 a kind of intelligent home robot that was designed from the ground up to be the “pawfect” playmate, guardian, and caretaker for your canine best friend.

Designer: Ogmen Robotics

At first glance, the Ogmen ORo looks like one of those robots on wheels designed for human use. After all, it has the semblance of a face, or at least eyes, on a tablet-like screen and a somewhat tall frame that loosely resembles a body. They say that looks can be deceiving, and that’s definitely the case here since all of the ORo’s features were carefully selected for the benefit of dogkind primarily, and humans only by association.

At the top of the list of those features is its ability to provide physical, mental, and emotional stimulation through playful activities. It keeps track of the dog’s health and even detects when they’re feeling anxious, at which point ORo will play soothing music to help calm them down. It can even help owners train their dogs through obedience games and virtual training services right at home.

When paired with Orgmen’s food and medicine dispenser, the ORo robot ensures that the pooch gets a balanced diet while also monitoring their eating habits. For humans, ORo offers the benefits of remote connectivity and interaction, allowing owner and pet to bond even when they’re far apart. The robot can also take photos of the bet’s precious moments, allowing you to easily share and boast on social media.

Technology doesn’t need to benefit humans only. In fact, it should be used to benefit all, including the planet as well as our furry friends. Ogmen’s ORo puts those very same technologies that power human smart appliances and devices at the service of the four-legged members of the family. After all, having happy and healthy family members is a good thing for both humans and animals alike.