OPPO generative AI features coming to all phone lines to make AI accessible to everyone

Like it or not, and some definitely don’t, AI is the current buzz in the tech industry, and it will still be for quite a while. But as impressive and sometimes frightening as the advanced features of AI may be, the truth is that these features are only available to a very select few people who either have the high-end hardware to support them or the resources to maintain monthly subscriptions to services. For AI to truly become life-changing, it has to become available to everyone, even those with less expensive phones and computers. That’s the new commitment that OPPO is making, to bring generative AI features to as many as 50 million phones in an effort to make AI accessible to everyone.

Designer: OPPO

Up until recently, most of the talk about AI revolved around powerful computers and cloud-based solutions. After all, AI needs very capable hardware and loads of data to perform its magic. That said, making AI relevant to ordinary people requires actually putting the technology into their hands, and there is no better device for that purpose than one that they literally hold in their hands: their smartphones. It’s no surprise, then, that Google’s recent developer event focused on making AI features available not only through its Search engine but on smartphones as well.

That has generated quite a lot of buzz on AI-powered features on the latest and greatest handsets, but that leaves the majority of the world’s population out in the cold. With dozens of millions of smartphones out in the market across all tiers, OPPO is in a unique position to change that situation, and it’s doing exactly that. It’s making a promise to push its generative AI features to all its smartphone product lines, from the flagship Find series to the camera-centric Reno to the mass market OPPO F and A lines.

In fact, it has already started that change by bringing features like AI Eraser, object recognition, and advanced image processing to many of its smartphones already out in the wild today. Granted, most of these focus on the photography side of the AI, but that’s just the beginning. Collaborating with key industry players like Google, MediaTek, and Microsoft, OPPO will be bringing smarter features across the board. The OPPO Reno 12, for example, will be able to harness the power of Google Gemini’s Large Language Models or LLMs for features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summary. Its collaboration with Microsoft, on the other hand, will bring more natural voice and text conversions to next-gen OPPO phones, as well as more seamless connectivity between phone AI and desktop AI, a.k.a. Microsoft Co-pilot.

Smartphones are already very powerful computers in our pockets, devices that are used not just for entertainment but also for work, education, and health. These are the very same areas where AI can shine best, making sense of large quantities of data to bring us the answers and information we need. Harnessing the growing power of on-device hardware as well as secure cloud services, OPPO envisions a future where everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of AI, preferably on an OPPO phone, of course.