Pet water fountain lets you automate filtered water for your fur babies

Just like with humans, hydration is pretty important for our four-legged friends. But also just like with people like me, we often forget to drink water unless it’s there already in front of us. And if you have pets at home and you can’t be with them for the most part of the day, it’s important to have enough water for them to last the whole day. Of course you can leave water in a bowl for them but it’s sometimes not enough or it’s not always that hygienic. Pet water fountains are a good option and this one in particular seems to be a pretty well-designed one.

Designer: PAWaii

The PAWaii Wireless Pet Water Fountain is one way to make sure that your pet is properly hydrated whether you’re at home to take care of them or not. It is one way to make sure that they will have access to clean and filtered water as it is has an NSF-certified filter that reduces calcium and magnesium ions and has UV sterilization that kills bacteria and microorganisms in the water. There are three modes that you can use and they can even be used simultaneously. There is an inductive mode, a regular mode that dispenses water per hour, and a manual mode.

To also ensure your pet’s safety, the device has a water-electricity separation design and an anti-slip silicone pad. But It also has a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery so it can last up to 70 days without a need to charge it if you schedule it to dispense water at least 25 times a day. The more it dispenses of course, the less the battery will last. It is also able to monitor the water consumption and drinking times and all the data is transmitted to the connected app so you can track everything remotely.

It looks like a regular water filter container for humans but the fountain part may attract your pets when the water gushes out and may induce them to actually drink whether they’re thirsty or not. It is available in a bright orange color but also a more minimalist white/transparent color, depending on your pet’s (or rather, your) taste. Now if only we could also have something similar for humans like me who need constant reminders to hydrate.