Portable Battery-free iPhone Speaker for Immersive Music Anywhere

The ubiquity of smartphones has made these communication tools the perfect portable media players as well, allowing owners to enjoy their tunes, podcasts, and even videos at any given time or place. But while smartphones are great for private listening, even the most powerful smartphone speakers have limits, especially once the sound starts to distort at maximum volumes. Speakers can help spread the sound, but only as much and as far as their batteries or power cords take them. This distinctive smartphone speaker, in contrast, harnesses the laws of physics to take your tunes farther and immerse you and your friends in moving sounds, all without using any power and looking quite handsome to boot!

Designer: Ooi Masato of Pit-A-Pat for Shimawa

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At one point in time, there was a breed of speakers that boasted requiring no electricity, no batteries, and absolutely no power at all to operate. These accessories acted as echo chambers to naturally amplify sounds, offering a simple and sustainable option to common speakers. Most of these, however, used plastic or at most wood to avoid the effects of vibrations, leaving their aesthetics and textures much to be desired.

The speaker is an innovative and unique take on this kind of no-power smartphone speaker that, unlike the rest of its kin, uses metal to offer a product whose value goes beyond its function. It uses Duralumin, a type of aluminum alloy that’s used in the aviation and aerospace industries because of its vibration-resistant properties and durability. Thanks to this, all you need to do is insert your smartphone into the speaker and feel the sound envelope you from all sides.

The choice of metal for this speaker’s material also gives the battery-free speaker a unique aesthetic you’d be hard-pressed to find in similar products. With a minimalist and retro industrial style, the speaker adds some character to any surface or space it is placed on. This elegant design is achieved through the use of the famed golden ratio to create a more natural proportion of the form’s shapes, particularly the different sizes of the speaker holes. Whether standing on its own or holding your smartphone, the speaker easily grabs your attention without being dominating or distracting.

And if you want to give the speaker a little more oomph, figuratively and literally, there are custom accessories you can screw into the holes to tweak the experience a bit. Reminiscent of airplane engines, Jet focuses and delivers sound in the direction the attachments are facing. Bloom, on the other hand, diffuses sound along the curves that try to resemble a blooming flower. Enjoy an immersive audio experience with this electricity-free smartphone speaker that requires no power to use and looks captivating anywhere you place it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $152 $179 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Holiday Sale ends in 24 hours!