Portable tiny home can expand into a 364 square feet living space

One of the most tedious things that I experienced more than once is moving houses. Well for one thing, I have so much stuff so packing them all up and then unpacking them at my new place can be such a pain. So sometimes I wonder if I could just have all of my things and furniture in just one box that I can move from one place to another if I need to not stay in one place. Well, there are now tiny houses that can do just that, provided you can fit everything you own in that space.

Designer: PODX Go

There are a lot of tiny houses already available out there but this one is truly portable and high-tech. The Grande S1 is a pre-fabricated tiny home that can be packed up in a huge box and can be transported to where you need to go. And once you’re ready to settle down in that place, it can unpack itself and expand to a 20-foot-wide living space, complete with furniture and all the stuff that you can fit in that place. Once completely expanded, it has a full width of 20 feet and 364 square feet and it’s “street legal” which is an important requirement for those that need to actually live in that house.

To open up the house, you need to fold out the awning and the stairs and lower the stabilizing posts first. After that, you just press the button and it will unfold in all its mechanical glory. Inside, you have a dining space, living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, and bedroom. All of the furniture can be folded in and out or stowed away into compartments because, of course, you need to put them somewhere when the house will fold into itself. For example, the queen-sized Murphy bed and the office desk can be stowed into the wall while the dining table can be folded on both sides and the chairs inserted into it.

If you’re getting ready to move again, you just need to stow away the desk, bed, and dining table and then put the sofa in the front entry area while the office chair and coffee table can fit into the bathroom. Then you remove the stabilizing posts and then with another press of a button, the house will then fold itself up and you’ll be ready to move in just 10 minutes. Oh and this tiny house can go off grid as it powered by a1,400-watt array solar panels connected to a 5-kilowatt Lycan power box.