Pure x McLaren Special Edition e-scooter stylizes the future of e-mobility

McLaren is currently in an intense dog fight on the track and on the paddock with Red Bull as tensions are rising between star drivers Max and Lando. You as a fan, have the opportunity to own a special edition electric scooter to root for the underdog. Yes, we are talking of an official McLaren edition e-scooter developed by Pure Electric.

The Britan-based company founded in 2018 is in hot pursuit of building the best electric scooter on the planet is owned by Adam Norris (Lando’s father) and the collab is not surprising. Coming on the back of another successful venture between the two brands, this e-scooter is based on the popular Advance+ model.

Designer: Pure Electric and McLaren

Pure Electric is 100 percent focused on just one goal, which is to build an e-scooter that changes the complexion of urban transport for good. The foldable commuter gets a bump up in electric motor power and a better range for this special edition version in the signature papaya color and the deep black finish. The e-scooter delivers 710 watts of peak power for better acceleration and much better performance on ascending hills. The range of 31 miles on a single full charge is reassuring if you’ll commute the city in one go.

The all-weather-proof ride comes with an IP65 rating and has 10-inch puncture-proof tires to complement the sturdy frame. Just like the Pure Advance+ model, the Pure x McLaren Special Edition has a natural forward-facing stance for a stable and comfortable riding experience. McLaren’s expertise comes from the valued design approach that’s honed by sharp aesthetics and a deeper knowledge of how hybrid powertrains work.

According to Adam who’s set the company on a success path, the partnership further cements the future of e-mobility, reflecting the engineering and design ethos. Pure x McLaren Special Edition scooters are all set to be available on July 4 in the aforementioned color options. Also, keep in mind, that there’s an Ayrton Senna anniversary edition e-scooter draped in the Brazilian flag skin released just a few months ago.