Reimagined clay water filter uses white ceramic for a better design (and taste)

Brazil apparently has one of the most effective (and affordable!) water filtration systems in the world. You can find clay water filters in almost every home and markets and they are actually created by local craftsmen. There are some challenges to this though as it is not always aesthetically pleasing and some people say there is a certain aftertaste to the water that goes through this system. There is even sometimes a problem about mold as well. Now a reinterpretation of the clay water filters may have solved some of those issues.

Designer: Estúdio Biologique

A Brazil-based design studio has come up with the Biologique water filter which still uses the same filter system. However, it uses white ceramic so that the water should taste about the same but of course it is filtered. It also doesn’t leave any mold but is also easy to clean, which was also a problem with the traditional filter. The important thing though is that it is able to bring clean, drinking water with the simple filtration system that doesn’t require any complicated installation or instructions.

For those that are concerned with the aesthetics of the water filter, then this is also where Biologique shines. It has a simple, minimalistic design that still keeps the original idea of the clay water filter but brings a more modern feel to it. It has two round parts on top of each other, a wooden stand, and a faucet that looks like those you find in draft beer machines. It comes in different colors: terracotta, rosé, green, brown, off white, black, gray, and capuccino.

The Biologique water filter comes in 9.0L and a petit version in 4.5L so you have two options depending on your space and the drinking water capacity of the people you live with. Of course it is more expensive than the traditional clay water filters that you’ll find in the usual Brazilian households. That’s the price you have to pay to have something prettier and better designed. Estúdio Biologique says their products are done by hand and on a small scale, so that’s also one of the reasons for the price point.