Singing Bottle concept rewards kids when they take their pills

According to my friends who are already parents, one of the most difficult things to get their young kids to do is to drink medicine. Aside from the fact that most of the pills actually taste bad and may be too big for their little throats, it’s also hard to convince them to do something if they don’t really understand why they need to do so. Some actually use rewards just to get the kids to take their meds but there should be better ways to get through this every time they need to do it.

Designer: Fengrui Wang

The Singing Bottle is a concept for a different kind of pill packaging and dispenser for kids ages 6-10 to help them take their meds a bit more easily. It is shaped like those ship in a bottle things that your dad or uncle probably displayed. But instead of a ship, you get personalized pills and a corresponding paper card strip with an NFC tag attached which is the secret to getting the kids to get the pills down. The dispenser also has a built-in speaker in which the cards, which contain music and stories, can be played.

The idea is that parents need to purchase the first pack of 14-21 personalized pills from the pharmacy and the dispenser. Turn the handle to dispense the first pill, separate the card strip and then insert it into the NFC reader. The first card is actually inspiring words to get the kids to take the pill and explain why they need to do so. Every two days, a new strip is unlocked and this can be a story or a piece of music to serve as their “reward” for taking the pill.

This is a pretty interesting way to encourage children to take their much needed medicine. This concept will work with Dozer, a start-up that specializes in 3D medicine printing which is able tp provide personalized medicine which should be less expensive and maybe also makes the taste a bit better, since that’s one of the major reasons why kids don’t want to take their pills.