Smart Megatron transforms into a tank, responds to voice commands and shoots projectiles

While all Transformers fans are tripping over Optimum Prime, it’s time to give the leader of the Decepticons his due chance. Yes, this self-transforming Megatron will win you over to join the bad side of the Transformers universe, the toy is that good. Created by Robosen Robotics in collaboration with Hasbro, the high-tech interactive collectible will force the inner child out of even the most serious middle-aged men.

Everything about this autobot is impressive, right from its design to the cool moves it is capable of. The Megatron is released as a limited edition collectible to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Transformers. Be informed that this thing comes at a steep price tag of $800 during the initial pre-order phase, and after that period the price is expected to shoot higher at around $1,200.

Designer: Robosen Robotics and Hasbro

With a simple voice command, the 21-inch Megatron transforms from a walking bipedal robot to a rolling tank. The way it changes personality in an instant is the most satisfying thing to watch. The voice commands further extend into triggering actions like firing plastic darts from the cannon or doing other cool tricks. It can also play out famous scenes from the franchise in the voice of actor Frank Welker with visual actions. Voice commands can be used to wake up the robot or even play Happy Birthday tunes. The servo motors and microchips let the user control it remotely from a smartphone with the companion app.

Get too close to the Autobot and it reacts to your touch, thanks to the touch sensors placed on the body. Don’t be surprised if it shouts out loud “You Fool” when touched on the front plate and picked up off the surface. In the tank mode, it can fire plastic cannons on voice commands and do a lot of other cool stuff you’ll love. The robot has a lot of servos and they are well concealed behind the clever spring-loaded flaps. Attention to detail is apparent here with small details like the automatically rotating logo when it converts from a tank to a standing robot.