Solar bot is a smart device concept that makes solar power more accessible

Solar power is something that is pretty important if we need to reduce our carbon footprint and our electricity consumption. But it’s still not something that’s easily accessible for everyone or something that’s portable and easy to use or access. A recent invention from Jackery, a portable power and green outdoor energy company, might be the thing we need to revolutionize how the ordinary consumer can access and use solar energy.

Designer: Jackery

The Solar Mars Bot was named one of the Best Inventions of 2023 by Time Magazine, specifically in the Green Energy category. It is a robot type machine that is a photovoltaic energy storage device equipped with various sensors to enable it to gather as much solar power as it can store. It has laser radar and camera modules to help it get around. It’s smart enough to roll around and find spots where it can align its panels with sunlight and even avoid obstacles.

The energy that it is able to gather is stored in a lithium iron phosphate battery and then you will be able to power your devices through any of its connectors including ordinary earthed sockets, USB-C and USB-A ports. You can take this solar robot with you when camping or on any outdoor activity or when you’re just lounging in your backyard or swimming pool and you need to charge your devices.

For now it seems to still be in the conceptual stage and Jackery may be creating a prototype for testing. But if ever it reaches the consumer market it will make solar energy common for those who are conscious about their electricity consumption. Hopefully we see some progress with this “best invention” soon as we all want to be able to regulate our carbon consumption over the next few years.