Space-saving bookends double as a modular wireless speaker system

We seem to always be running out of space on our desks. Any free area that we get often quickly becomes occupied by a new thing, a tool, or a book, that we can always justify as necessary. And then there are purely decorative items that, while not serving any practical function, serve to put us in a good mood. Sadly, those reasons don’t remove the fact that they still take up precious space that could have been used for other things. Cutting down on the amount of “stuff” on your desk is one possible solution to this conundrum, but another is to use multi-functional products that serve more than one purpose, like these rather aesthetic bookends that are actually speakers in disguise.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere

If there are two things that are standard on a modern desk, it would be books and speakers. The former is often essential for work, even if just for appearance’s sake, while the latter is necessary to keep our minds sane with our favorite music and podcasts. They might even be necessary for the video meetings that are becoming more common these days. Naturally, these things will need some space on your desk, so why not combine them in a way that still retains each product’s identity while also bringing a fresh twist to their designs?

The Beat Bookends concept does exactly that by transforming bookends into two parts of a speaker system. Specifically, the triangular shapes that sit on either end of a row of books act not only as stable structures to keep your reading materials upright but also serve as front-firing speakers. Although it probably would have been enough to just have two wireless speakers performing this function, the design concept actually includes one or two more speakers for an even better audio experience.

The bookend speakers are actually just the “satellite” speakers, and a rectangular block serves as the main unit you connect to. This piece can stand in the middle of your row of books to add a bit of variety to the composition, or it can even be placed anywhere else to set up a spatial audio arrangement of sorts. Another rectangular speaker block can even be added to the mix for an even louder and more distributed audio output.

What’s interesting about the Beat Bookends concept is that it isn’t limited to actually being used as bookends only. With a flexible building block concept, you can mix and match pieces and arrange the speakers in different ways, even if you don’t have books to stand on your desk or shelf. You can combine the speakers in more interesting arrangements to provide not only audio but also a bit of decoration on your desk, hitting two birds with a single stone.