Spacious Tiny Home With A Dedicated Barbecue Area Is A Perfect Fit For Big Families

Canada’s Acorn Tiny Homes recently launched an innovative tiny home design that is expanding the concept of small living. Dubbed the True North Retreat, this thoughtfully designed home can squeeze up to seven people and will feature all the amenities and comfort you can expect from a tiny home. But it does have one exciting addition – a barbecue area that can be accessed from the outside.

Designer: Acorn Tiny Homes

Based on a quadruple-axle trailer, and measuring 38ft in length, the True North Retreat has an increased width of 10.6 ft, which means it will need a permit to be towed on a public road. The tiny home is finished in faux stone and metal siding, and roofing, with interesting green wall sections. The dedicated BBQ station can be accessed from the outside through a section of operable facade, and this will accommodate the gas barbecue itself, as well as a sink, fridge, and cabinetry.

You can enter the home through a standard door or glazed sliding doors. The interiors measure 546 square feet, and it houses a living room at the center, equipped with a sofa, mini-split air-conditioning system, and a coffee table. The living room seems quite spacious and comfortable, owing to the extra width. It will also feature generous glazing which allows natural light to stream in throughout the day. The kitchen is located adjacent to the living room. It has an interesting U-shape and will accommodate a quartz countertop, a fridge/freezer, an oven, a sink, a breakfast bar, and custom cabinetry.

The bathroom is located on the other side of the living room, and it includes a toilet, sink, shower, washer, and dryer. The master bedroom is situated in the raised section of the trailer and can be accessed via stairs. It has plenty of headroom to stand straight, which isn’t commonly seen in tiny homes. It also includes a double bed with integrated storage space, glazing, and wardrobe space. The home also includes two secondary bedrooms, although they are the typical loft-like spaces with low ceilings you see in traditional tiny homes. The bedrooms can be equipped with double beds or can be utilized for storage.