Speck Tagimals hands-on at CES 2024: Adorable AirTag holders that attach to kids’ shoes!

Part cute character, part serious parenting tool, Speck’s latest AirTag case may be a literal lifesaver.

Dubbed the Tagimals, these AirTag covers come with slots that let you strap them to kids’ shoes, letting parents keep tabs on the whereabouts of their young ones. Each Tagimal sports a unique character (with its own name), and houses a single AirTag within. It works with kids’ shoes as well as pet collars, going above and beyond what Apple envisioned for its mere ‘keys and wallet tracking device’.

Designer: Speck

The Tagimals (a portmanteau of Tag and Animal) come in four styles, each with their own animal character. Children can choose the animal they love the best and strap/secure them to their shoes, sort of like Crocs Charms. A wide slot allows parents to string the Tagimals onto laced shoes, slide them into velcro shoes, or even secure them around pet collars.

You’ve got four adorable creatures to choose from – ‘Milo’ the dog and ‘Mittens’ the cat make for the most obvious Tagimals, but you’ve even got whimsical creatures like ‘Blaze’ the dragon and, ‘Tink’ the unicorn for kids with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Attaching an AirTag to a Tagimal is as easy as pushing it in as the tag then secures within with a satisfying click. To remove the AirTag, simply press down on the silicone animal face and it forces the AirTag out, allowing you to replace it, or put the AirTag in a new character because maybe your kid feels like a dragon on some days and a cat on others!

The Tagimals come in a set of four, featuring the motley crew of animal characters. The kit starts at $34.95, which works out to be vastly cheaper than Apple’s own AirTag holder… while offering features that most parents and pet-owners will absolutely love!