Sticky note printer lets you print your daily reminders to improve productivity

As much as most of my workflow is already digital, I still love integrating “old school” digital aspects every once in a while. One thing that I still do to this day is write important things on sticky notes and then putting them around my work area. I have to major problems about it though: they sometimes fall off and sometimes, I don’t understand my own handwriting. This new device from an offshoot company of Samsung Electronics might be the answer to my problem.

Designer: Mangoslab

The Nemonic Gen 2 inkless, thermal, and wireless printer lets you print your notes and even images on Ultra Sticky Notes that will not easily fall off. The small printer can be connected to desktops and mobile devices and lets you print notes that you drew, wrote, typed, captured on the connected app. It can even be integrated with Microsoft Office apps as wel as Slack and Zapier so if you use any of those in your regular workflow, then your productivity should run even more smoothly than usual.

There are different templates for each of the integrated apps so you can create either handwritten or typewritten notes. It is also able to remove shadows from photos or diagrams that you capture from a whiteboard or screen through the Nemonic Scanner app and then you can print it directly. It also has a de-curl feature so your sticky notes come out flat if needed. It also has auto-cut finishing so no need to stress about tearing or manually cutting off the note.

It is still currently on Kickstarter but they have already more than met their initial goal of $3,000. The Ultra Sticky Notes come with the package already but they will probably sell refills separately eventually as well. This will definitely be added to my dream devices to have at home in the hopes that my productivity will be further improved with this digital/analog hybrid.