TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Edition has a back made from coffee grounds

It’s arguable that coffee makes the world go round, but to some extent, it also does a bit of harm in the process. Our rapid and massive consumption of this beverage has resulted in no small amount of waste, from the plastic cups and straws that we throw away daily to even the grounds that often go into the bin. The latter is, of course, biodegradable, but even that takes time to decompose, during which time they pile up and pollute the environment. Waste coffee grounds can actually have other uses, from aromatic candles to even skin care, so you simply need a creative mind to figure out ways to reuse these traces of caffeinated drinks. Working together with famed luxury design marque LOEWE, TECNO has thought of transforming this waste product into a beautiful and sustainable material to grace the back of its latest flagship smartphone.

Designer: TECNO x LOEWE

With a reported average consumption of 2 billion cups every day around the world, it’s no surprise that waste coffee grounds can actually be an environmental problem. Even when they do decompose in landfills, their improper disposal releases harmful greenhouse gasses that slowly but surely kill the very planet that coffee trees grow on. Recycling these coffee grounds is, of course, a solution, but traditional recycling processes also use up plenty of water and energy.

In contrast, the back cover of the new TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Edition uses not only sustainable materials but also a sustainable process. The coffee grounds are processed without using organic solvents, don’t consume more water, and also use solar power. The result is a back cover that is composed of more than 20% bio-based material that gives the surface a unique texture that will delight your hand the moment it touches it.

You might not be able to tell that the TECNO CAMON 30 LOEWE Edition has a back made from recycled coffee grounds because of its distinctive green color instead of the brown that’s associated with coffee. This gradated color was chosen to be symbolic of nature, representing the natural life cycle of leaves. More interestingly, TECNO also opted to adopt a color-blocking style that not only makes the phone look modern but also gives it a bit of character.

This industry-first coffee grounds back design is available on all TECNO CAMON 30 Series models with no changes to their internal specs. For the Premier 5G variant, that means having no less than four 50MP cameras sitting on top of this unique and sustainable material. Availability details of the TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Design Edition are unavailable at the moment.