Terracamper turns Mercedes G Wagon into an equipped off-grid camper van with Tecrawl conversion kit

We have seen some interesting and capable camper vans through 2023. A successful year for the industry is about to wrap up but Terracamper – based out of Germany – wants it should do so on a high. It is therefore giving Mercedes enthusiasts, others of course included, the opportunity  to enhance their outdoor activities this winter, and going forward into the summer, with the new Tecrawl G-Camper kit.

Yeah, it’s the G Wagon and not the ideal and beloved Sprinter van that forms the basis for this conversion. The 4×4 G Class Mercedes has been outfitted with a basic layout and modular accessories to make a camper van worthy of being taken out for a longer spin than a weekend.

Designer: Terracamper

Taking of which, the German camping marque has just about done justice to incorporate the luxury a Merc may demand. The idea of the conversion kit is to keep things simple yet focus largely on utility. The Tecrawl, therefore, comes with a full thermal insulation pack for the colder months and a 31-L compressor cool box for the summery days. The power requirement is taken care of by the optional solar energy system and the integrated 150Ah lithium battery.

The renewable energy system renders the Tecrawl capable of camping off the grid. For comfort inside, the Tecrawl provides the G Wagon with a comfortable sleeping unit for three people. The main sleeping section is crafted in the provided rooftop tent – accessible via a ladder – while the convertible dining table morphs into a sleeper for the third person. This table also fulfills the third function: It flips into a work desk beside a side sofa ideal for the needs of a mobile workaholic.

Terracamper furnishes the Tecrawl G-Camper with decent interior storage and provides a retractable awning to extend the living space when you’re camped. Here you can also pull out the kitchenette from within the camper van for the culinary requirements. The pull-out kitchen offers a two-burner gas stove, fold-out counters, a prep area, and a utility fridge. The water requirement is catered to by a removable 20-L fresh water canister and a portable dry toilet space you trip outdoors. Given its merits, the Tecrawl G Wagon camper van conversion kit starts at €11,000 (roughly $11,900).