The $3500 Apple Vision Pro deserves this gorgeous chrome-plated metal stand

A throne worthy of a $3500 face-computer.

Sure, the Apple Vision Pro got its first accessory in the form of a protective cover… but what the high-end spatial computing device desperately needs is a stand to dock and highlight the beauty of Apple’s latest and most impressive gadget. The Vision Pro stand by Sy Wong fills the void with its gorgeously slick design that highlights your headset without eating too much table real estate. Quite akin to a headphone stand, the Vision Pro stand has your headset hanging vertically, along with a docking station for the accompanying battery pack.

Designer: Sy Wong

The stand’s specific shape allows it to support the Vision Pro’s contoured cushion with ease. The stand’s steel platform only makes contact with the plush cushion, ensuring that no part of the stand comes in contact with the glass or metal components of the Vision Pro. Meanwhile, a dedicated dock for the Vision Pro’s battery pack keeps it close to the headset, allowing you to easily lift and wear the entire setup or dock it back after a spatial session.

The beauty of Sy Wong’s stand lies not just in its overall visual simplicity, but also its glorious chrome-plated finish. The stand comes crafted from stainless steel (or at least that’s what Wong mentions on their Behance page), with an immaculate chrome finish that rivals the kind you see Apple’s own accessories (like the handles on the Mac Pro, or even those $700 wheels).

For the select few who’ve bought the Vision Pro, unfortunately, Sy Wong’s stand is just a concept… so you’re going to have to either place the expensive headset on your desk *shudder*, back in its box after every use, or buy the $299 soft-shell case for the headset and battery pack. Apple hasn’t announced any other major accessories for the Vision Pro, although the market is ripe for stands like the one Sy Wong designed… or this neck-worn power bank that’s a whole lot better than Apple’s own battery pack.