The Chicorée Tiny Home Is A Flexible House With Cushy Cabin-Like Interiors

Meet the adorable Chicorée tiny home by Baluchon! It is another spectacular and cozy home by the French firm. It measures only 20 feet in length, and it features a flexible interior layout, which also includes sleeping space for around five people, as well as two separate work areas. The lovely Chicorée is founded on a double-axle trailer, and it has a cedar finish accentuated by an aluminum roof. The home includes a spruce frame, and a mixture of linen, cotton, and hemp insulation, while the interior has a subtle spruce finish.

Designer: Baluchon

The power of the tiny home comes from standard RV-style hookup. As visitors enter the living room, they are welcomed by an airy and light-filled space, which is created due to the generous glazing. The majority of this room is occupied by a large sofa bed which can be used as a comfy sleeping area for guests. This room also includes an electric radiator nearby as well as some shelving.

The kitchen is adjacent to this main room. The kitchen doesn’t include a fridge or a proper oven, since the owners didn’t want them, which does seem a bit inconvenient, but this creates loads of free space which is taken up by a large table/desk area. This table area has a view of the kitchen windows and can be used for eating meals and working from home.

The kitchen also includes multiple storage nooks, as well as some cabinetry, a sink, and a three-burner propane-powered stove. The kitchen is also connected to the bathroom which includes a shower, toilet, and additional storage. The upstairs area of the Chicorée can be accessed via an open staircase which is made from oak and steel, instead of the usual ubiquitous storage-interested staircase we see in typical tiny homes these days. The entire upper storey features a low ceiling and has a main sleeping area which hosts a double bed, as well as a smaller sleeping space and play area for a child. The upper storey also accommodates a second home working area which includes a small oak desk that is placed over the living area. This little feature enables the users to sit with their legs dangling down, which seems like a comfier position than crossing your legs for hours on end.