The Diode e-Bike’s Design is Cyberpunk Minimalism at its Very Best

Relying on the basic building blocks of both automobiles as well as technology, Tien Hung’s Diode e-bike concept sports a neo-minimalist design that celebrates the future of the electric power train. The bike’s form is practically invisible barring one singular horizontal pillar that travels from dashboard to taillight, and the large battery module located under it. Despite its bare-basics approach, the e-bike doesn’t compromise on essentials, with a powerful rear-wheel drivetrain, a comfortable seat, USB charging points located near the bike’s charger inlet, and a digital dashboard that does everything from serving as a speedometer to even having its built-in GPS.

Designer: TienHung.Design

The beauty of the Diode lies in its abstraction of the conventional motorcycle shape. Most motorcycles are sculpted like horses, evoking the feeling of sitting on a saddle with a wild animal in your reigns. The fuel tank has an almost sinewy shape, resembling the torso of a stallion or bronco. All that goes out the window with the Diode, which takes a form-following-function route to design something that’s sleek. The fact that EV technology allows for cars/bikes to be more liberal with their component placements helps this further.

The entire e-bike’s design highlights how technological advancements have allowed two-wheelers to be more expressive with their forms. The electric powertrain means components don’t need to be arranged in a certain way. The battery sits between the riders legs, assuming whatever shape you need it to be in, while the motor sits mounted against the rear wheel, opening up the Diode’s overall design to a great degree of minimalistic expression.

The area where a fuel tank would once be located is now an empty cavity in which you can store your phone, TWS earbuds, and wallet. Right above it is the Diode’s charging port, along with two USB-A outlets that let you juice your phone and other gadgets directly using the EV-s battery pack. The headlight and taillight are minimal yet expressive too, relying on LED strips that can be formed in any shape rather than the traditional parabolic reflector lamp seen on most cars and bikes.

Lastly, the Diode gets a neat white and black paint job with metallic accents, giving it that futuristic appeal popularized by most EVs today.