The Living Vehicle ‍CyberTrailer comes with enough solar panels to power your trailer as well as Cybertruck

After the Cybertruck-compatible camping tents and interesting tracks that can convert the Tesla’s fancy pickup into a snowmobile, it’s now time for the CyberTrailer to shine. A Living Vehicle’s camping solution to tow behind the impressive Cybertruck, the trailer is not only similar by name, in fact, it resembles the Tesla pickup truck in more ways than the angular design inspiration.

The camping trailer by the California-based specialist, Living Vehicle, isn’t really all set to hit the road from the word go, but it is ready to offer glimpses of the near future. The future of completely off-grid camping, where an electric trailer can be your home for an extended time in the wilderness.

Designer: Living Vehicle

The Californian trailer builder has been in the business of developing off-grid luxury experiences for some time now. Whether you talk about the HD 24 or the HD 30, these ultimate campers are built from marine-grade materials making the luxury in the travel trailer possible. If you’re a stark believer, you can expect the similar construction pattern and luxury features of the predecessors to flow into the dramatically enticing CyberTrailer.

Of course, what the CyberTrailer is made from, or what it packs inside, or how much backup its power generators provide, is not outrightly informed by Living Vehicle at the point of writing, but the company has made some interesting revelations. For instance, the travel trailer is designed to promote independent camping in nature far from RV parks and random charging stations.

So, the CyberTrailer is a self-sufficient off-grid home on wheels with its ability to run all the appliances and electronic components through self-generated power from onboard solar panels. When needed, even power back the towing electric vehicle, and generate its own water from thin air, courtesy the water-air generator that can fill up its freshwater tank as you ride.

Embodying the features to reduce range anxiety, while extending off-grid adventure time; the trailer is fashioned to be towed behind a Cybertruck, but it can even be hauled by “F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1-T, or any conventional gas or diesel half-ton truck,” the company informs. At this point, perhaps, this is all that Living Vehicle shares about the CyberTrailer. If that’s good enough for you to bet your buck, you can reserve your model at the company website against a $100 refundable deposit. When it eventually launches, it will retail for upward of $175,000.

The Living Vehicle ‍CyberTrailer comes with enough solar panels to power your trailer as well as Cybertruck