The M-Hero 917 is a Military-Inspired SUV with a 1000hp Engine, Steer-By-Wire, and a Companion Drone

For an extra $14,000, the manufacturer will also sell you a companion drone to go with your mammoth SUV.

Meet the Meishi 917, also fondly dubbed the M-Hero 917 from Dongfeng – China’s first off-road automotive brand. Drawing inspiration from the robustness of military vehicles, the M-Hero 917 boasts a design characterized by sharp lines and a commanding presence. Its black matte finish and robust bumper lend it an unmistakably aggressive demeanor, reminiscent of a machine ready to conquer any terrain it encounters. However, despite its formidable appearance, it’s essential to recognize that beneath its rugged exterior lies a meticulously engineered chassis and a formidable powertrain.

Designer: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

The M-Hero 917 offers a choice between two powertrain options tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern drivers. For those inclined towards embracing sustainable mobility, there’s a fully electric variant equipped with four electric motors and a substantial 140-kilowatt-hour NMC battery. Alternatively, there’s a range-extender hybrid model featuring a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine serving as a generator, coupled with a 66-kWh battery pack and three electric motors, delivering an impressive output of 816 horsepower. Such capabilities translate into a blistering 0-62 miles per hour acceleration in a mere six seconds, reaffirming the SUV’s prowess on and off the beaten path.

However, what truly sets the M-Hero 917 apart are its standard and optional features, which elevate the driving experience to unprecedented heights. Inside the cabin, attention to detail reigns supreme, with interior door handles reminiscent of the iconic Desert Eagle pistol, and aircraft throttle-inspired levers adorning the center console, granting intuitive control over the vehicle’s transmission and driving modes. Complementing these design elements are three strategically positioned screens, comprising a digital instrument cluster, a navigation display, and a passenger infotainment screen, ensuring occupants are seamlessly connected and informed throughout their journey.

Yet, perhaps the pièce de résistance lies in the SUV’s optional drone package, a testament to the convergence of automotive and aerial technologies. Priced at $14,000, this package includes a state-of-the-art drone that can be effortlessly controlled via voice commands from within the vehicle, offering a unique perspective and enhancing the overall driving experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a switchable rear steering system grants the M-Hero 917 the ability to execute the elusive crab walk maneuver, further showcasing its versatility and agility in navigating challenging terrains.