The Nomad 30 Tiny House Is The Perfect Little Home On Wheels To Support An Off-Grid Adventurous Lifestyle

Minimaliste originally designed Nomad – an all-weather tiny home with a small and easy-to-tow package. And recently they unveiled a newer version – the Nomad 30. The Nomad 30 is an upgraded tiny home with a newly improved interior layout and an adventure-ready off-grid design. This tiny home is perfect for those who want to adopt an off-grid lifestyle and have an adventurous life on the road.

Designer: Minimaliste

As its name quite aptly signifies, the Nomad 30 has a length of 30 feet. It is founded on a double-axle trailer that is adjustable, hence the wheels can easily be moved forward or backward on the trailer, allowing the weight to be balanced effectively, making the home quite easy to tow. The tiny home has a sleek yet warm appeal to it, and it is finished in steel sheets and faux wood steel, which is intended to be low maintenance.

You can access the cozy home via a folding deck, and steps at its rear which can be operated with a winch and a remote control. A double glass door leads you from the living room to the outside. The living room in the Nomad 30 is more spacious as compared to previous Nomad models, and it contains a lot of storage space, as well as a sofa bed and a wall-mounted TV. The space also includes a mini-split-air-conditioning system and a heat recovery air exchanging system.

Adjacent to the living room is a kitchen, and it accommodates a dining area that can seat up to four people. The dining area also includes integrated storage space. The kitchen is amped with a propane-powered oven, a four-burner stove, a washer/dryer, a double sink, and a fridge/freezer. The cabinetry also locks up to facilitate safer travel, and a folding extending countertop is also included. The tiny home has a bathroom as well, lined with a composting toilet, a small bathtub and shower, and a sink.