The Orb At Google’s Charleston East Campus Offers A Moment Of ‘Productive Distraction’

Dubbed the Orb, this fascinating structure was designed by the computational design experts of New York’s The Very Many. Located in Google’s Charleston East Campus, and perched at the entrance of Google’s Mountain View complex in California, the structure is designed to be a truly captivating junction, where you witness a convergence of public and private spaces. The Orb has a height of 10 meters, and it features an impressive curved shape that instantly grabs your attention. It is built using a lightweight aluminum shell, with an elegant white shade. The structure features sophisticated folds and intricate perforations which create a mesmerizing play of light and shadows.

Designer: The Very Many

The Orb was constructed during the pandemic, and there were several issues that needed to be dealt with. The ‘puzzle structure’ is made up of delicate pieces which were laser cut and powder coated in Europe, and then shipped to California. Even though there were certain logistical issues, the Orb was built perfectly according to the vision the team had in mind. The Orb was placed in the open plaza, and it intends to offer a moment of ” productive distraction”.

The Orb serves as a place of rest from the fast-paced hectic world we live in. It allows visitors to slow down, and relax for a minute, putting aside their devices and gadgets. The interior of the orb features interesting surfaces and a non-linear environment which distract the visitors from their phones and encourage them to gaze at the detailed work.

The Orb was also described as a “visual wandering” by the studio. It is a fascinating challenge that encourages the viewer to understand and dive into an unfamiliar yet super interesting world. As visitors revisit the Orb, they notice newer details and refreshing perspectives, which builds a sense of wonder in them. The mesmerizing building shows how art and design can be utilized to inspire onlookers, captivating them, and helping them disconnect from technology. Placed in Google’s Charleston East Campus, the Orb elevates the space by adding elegance, a creative touch, and intricate beauty to it.