The Pixelated Interiors of this Bucharest eyewear store feels like Minecraft in real life!

In the bustling streets of Bucharest, Lunet Eyewear has unveiled its latest spectacle, a whimsical wonderland that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Romanian practice Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio has once again pushed the boundaries of interior design, this time crafting an optical oasis that celebrates the essence of blurry vision.

Designer: Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio

Drawing inspiration from the very purpose that brings customers through its doors; the quest for clarity in a world of blurriness. Lunet’s newest store is a testament to the power of narrative-driven design. The concept is bold yet intuitive, as pixelated furnishings dance against translucent latex curtains, inviting customers into a realm where perception is questioned and celebrated.

Situated in the heart of Bucharest, this marks the third collaboration between Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio and Lunet, with previous ventures in the capital and Cluj-Napoca setting the stage for innovation. Unlike its predecessors, this store avoids the classic trappings of color and metallics from their previous designs, opting instead for a playful and pixelated ambiance that invites visitors to explore its depths.

At the forefront of this visual symphony are the shelves, strategically punctuated with pixel-style cutouts that mimic the blocky form of their digital counterparts. These tall wooden structures serve as both showcases and canvases, housing Lunet’s eclectic range of eyewear while simultaneously blurring the lines between art and function.

But the pixelated magic doesn’t stop there, gridded tile flooring lays the foundation for this playful palette, while cutouts in chairs, rugs, and service desks continue the theme with finesse. Each element, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully placed, converges to create an environment that is at once nostalgic and futuristic, those columns and arches created by the shadows seem like a modern interpretation of Romania’s architectural heritage.

In between the wooden pillars, the walls are painted in a burnt sienna color with translucent latex curtains draping gracefully between shelves, these ethereal veils add depth and texture to the space, enveloping patrons in a cocoon of visual intrigue as they navigate the store’s diverse offerings. They also have a touch of industrial aesthetic, a mix of brushed metal and mirror cladding, keeping in line with the original concept of the first Lunet store.

At the heart of Lunet’s pixelated playground lies a seating area, where wooden chairs with pixelated edging offer leisure amidst the chaos. Beneath them, a burnt-orange rug adorned with pixel-shaped openings provides a whimsical peek into the store’s underlying grid, inviting guests to linger and explore.

In the eye test room, brick-red walls set the stage for surrealist graphics that challenge perception and defy convention. Here, Lunet invites patrons to see beyond the ordinary, to embrace the blurred lines between art and reality as they embark on their optical journey.