The Polestar 8 is a rugged SUV concept that brings automotive aggression out through minimalism

This might not be Polestar’s first SUV, but it’s surely the first to have an attitude…

Meet the Polestar 8, an SUV concept from the mind of Turin-based Salvatore Ville. A subsidiary of Volvo, Polestar is best known for its pure and minimalist ethos, which reflects in its choice of zero-emission drivetrains, clean designs, and even the use of recycled materials in its construction – however, minimalism has never really been a defining visual language for any car brand. Automotive minimalism is somewhat of a misnomer because people usually like their cars to offer more value for money. Sure, that’s a reductionist way to go about designing a car, but the cleaner a car looks, oftentimes the less eye-catching it tends to be around other cars. Keeping this in mind, Ville designed the Polestar 8 as an SUV that embraces minimalism with a twist – instead of simply opting for clean surfaces, Ville amped up the aggression by giving the car a dominating silhouette. The Polestar 8 looks like the Polestar 3 that went to the gym. It has a wider more brutish stance, a clean design that still manages to look roguish, and an interplay between metallic surfaces and black trims to create a dual-tone effect that gives the car dynamism without being overtly distracting.

Designer: Salvatore Ville

What Ville does really well with the Polestar 8’s design is balance aggression with automotive DNA. The SUV captures the essence of the Polestar brand with its headlights and taillights, the strategic placement of the Polestar logo, and the use of clean surfaces without any major detailing like air intakes. The car’s aggression manifests in the form of large tires, a dominating stance, and those razor-thin rear-view cameras on the side that could cut through wind like a sword.

Around the back, the Polestar 8’s design remains faithful to the futuristic motif. The taillights stretch across the vehicle’s width and height, creating a luminous signature that could double as a motif in a sci-fi film. Here, form follows function in a dance of light, giving the SUV a presence that’s hard to miss when night falls.

The profile of this conceptual Polestar is where the narrative of modern sculpture on wheels truly unfolds. It carries an athletic stance, with a roofline that sweeps back in a coupe-like descent. The absence of traditional door mirrors—replaced, perhaps, by cameras—stays true to the ethos of creating a seamless profile that’s as wind-friendly as it is eye-catching. Large, imposing wheels fill the arches, grounded yet ready to propel this vision into motion at a moment’s notice.

The use of color and materials appears meticulously chosen to reflect light and shadow in a dance that changes as the day grows old. The Polestar 8, with its combination of metallic hues and carbon fiber accents, looks just as much at home in the heart of a bustling metropolis as it does against the backdrop of a futuristic skyline. One can only imagine the interior, likely a cocoon of advanced technology and minimalist luxury—a space where the outside world is both present and pleasantly held at bay.

While the Polestar 8 concept SUV may not be a blueprint for a production model, it stands as a canvas for the imagination.