The Sangja House Perfectly Combines Portability & Comfort To Create The Ultimate Tiny Home

In all honesty, tiny homes don’t seem to be oh-so-tiny lately. They’re getting to be bigger and bigger, as people want to downsize, but without having to cramp themselves up in completely uncomfortable homes. Modern Tiny Living is one of the tiny home builders on the market who manage to create homes that are a good mix of portability and comfort, and one such tiny home by them is Sangja. Measuring 28 feet, Sangja is a cozy home with a master bedroom with sufficient standing space, a well-designed living room, and a bathtub!

Designer: Modern Tiny Living

Based on a triple-axle trailer, the Sangja’s exterior is finished in engineered wood with a smooth cedar accenting. The Sangja also features massive windows and a skylight which maximize daylight within the home, creating a well-lit and free-flowing living space. Although Sangja has a modest length, it is not the smallest tiny home on the market, but it is tinier than the North American towable homes we usually see.

As visitors enter the home, they are welcomed by a living room equipped with a large sofa and some functional integrated storage, as well as a custom maple vertical slat wall. Besides the maple slat wall, the rest of the interior is finished in some soothing plywood. Next to the living room is a kitchen, which features a breakfast bar with stool seating, a fridge/freezer, a propane-powered stove, and an oven, as well as some shelving and butcher block countertops. As you walk further into the home, there is a bathroom opposite the living room. You can access this space via a sliding door, and it includes a washer/dryer, composting toilet, bathtub, and a built-in shower.

The Sangja includes two bedrooms – a master bedroom downstairs, and a second bedroom placed directly above the master bedroom. The master bedroom is placed on the side of the home that is opposite the bathroom. It includes a double bed with built-in storage and has plenty of headroom allowing visitors to stand upright. This space also contains shelving and a bedside cabinet. The second bedroom above the master bedroom can be accessed via a ladder.