The Super Smart Fridge Is The Compact & Stylish Furniture-Like Kitchen Appliance For Your Living Room

Owning a second fridge has become a pretty popular and common trend, that has slowly made its way to homes in the past few years. However, fridges tend to be pretty large and occupy a substantial amount of space wherever they’re placed, hence accommodating them in smaller homes and apartments ends up being an issue. But this is where the Super Smart Fridge comes in. Designed by Rocco co-founders Alyse Borkan and Sam Naparstek, the Super Smart Fridge is a compact and stylish refrigerator that looks more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen appliance.

Designer: Rocco

The Super Smart Fridge is a mix between a small fridge and a dedicated wine fridge. The good-looking fridge features a modern and contemporary design, which includes a smart exterior paired with a fluted glass door. The modern exterior is further accentuated by the compact and small size of the fridge which allows it to seamlessly merge with the rest of the home decor and furniture in the room. This makes the Super Smart Fridge an ideal fit for not only your kitchen but also your living room or bedroom.

Measuring 16 inches in depth, the compact fridge is designed to be subtly pushed against a wall, allowing the fridge to further blend in with the furniture and the space surrounding it. If you look at the Super Smart Fridge, it looks more like a bar cart than a kitchen appliance! It is built using a powder-coated steel frame which is available in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the color that perfectly suits your aesthetic and home. The fridge features walls that are 3x thicker than anything available on the market today and boasts the same compressor as the Sub-Zero.

The Super Smart Fridge functions efficiently and smoothly in any living space, without causing any kind of excessive noise. It is covered by a 10-year warranty and has a unique technological feature that enables you to connect the fridge to your phone, via an internal camera system called Sight System. This allows users to glance into their fridge to see if anything needs to be restocked or purchased – pretty cool, eh?!