The Tesla Cybertruck just encountered one enemy it can’t defeat… Rust.

Representational Image via Midjourney

As multiple users are pointing out on internet forums, the vastly popular pickup truck from Tesla has seemingly met its one foe. While the car can apparently beat pretty much any odds, deflecting bullets and being able to overtake a Porsche 911 while towing another Porsche 911, it does have one rather unfortunate flaw. It catches rust.

Users have begun pointing out that the Cybertruck’s ultra-powerful exterior (which can take on a Tommy gun) can’t withstand inclement weather, causing spots of rust on the surface. Images circulating on the CybertruckOwnersClub website show the exterior exhibiting signs of rust spotting after just 2 days of driving in the rain. California has been experiencing record-breaking torrential rainfall over the past few weeks, and apparently, the bulletproof exterior of the EV wasn’t up to the task. The images show spotting on Sacramento-based truck-owner Max’s Cybertruck.

Image Credits: CybertruckOwnersClub Forum

There is, however, a lot of speculation of whether this is rust, or ‘rail dust’. A lot of cars experience a similar spotting phenomenon when transported by trains. Metal specks from the train wheels fly off while the train’s in motion, landing on horizontal surfaces of the car. These specks then begin rusting, causing a similar spotting on cars.

The problem lies with inconsistency, as not everyone seems to be facing the same problem immediately (given that everyone’s also experiencing different weather). If indeed this is a sign of rusting, only time will tell if that may prove to be a problem for all Cybertrucks in the future. Specifically, it is essential to promptly remove contaminants like oil and acidic substances, including tar and bird droppings, using a solvent that contains alcohol. Following this initial cleaning step, it is advisable to wash the area with either pure water or soap that has been balanced for pH levels. Such cleansing practices are recommended after every long ride (which not many people are keen about since the Cybertruck was touted as an incredibly robust vehicle). Users, however, are recommending NOT using Windex to clean the car, since it contains ammonia that may actually cause or accelerate rusting. Some users have reported signs of success using Bar Keepers Friend.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more information.

Representational Image via Midjourney