The World’s Smallest Car comes as a DIY kit that you can build yourself for just $15,000

Imagine a car so tiny it can fit in an elevator, yet it’s yours to build and drive. Enter the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car from the 1960s, now available as a DIY kit. This miniature marvel, originally produced with just enough room for “one adult and one shopping bag,” is smaller than a Vespa scooter and lacks a reverse gear, relying instead on a handle at the back for manual maneuvering.

Touted as quite literally the world’s smallest car, the P50 sports a fiberglass shell, has a 49cc engine on the inside, weighs a paltry 300 pounds, and is like an adult equivalent of the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. For the eco-conscious or the simply curious, the electric model, powered by a 4 kW motor, tops out at a modest 28 mph. The car is available as a DIY kit that ships complete with wheels, body, seat, steering wheel, drivetrain, and more, demanding around 50 hours of assembly time. For those less inclined to build their own, fully-assembled versions are available too!

Designer: P.50 Cars

Despite its diminutive size, the P50 replica doesn’t skimp on essentials: suspension, lighting, horn, brakes, mirrors, and the iconic single suicide door on the left side. It’s street legal in most places, classified as a kit car, moped, or motorcycle. As P50 Cars puts it, the P50 and Trident are ideal for novice car builders due to their mechanical simplicity, light weight, and small size. All you need is a few tools, a little garage space, and patience. Registering your completed kit car is typically straightforward, given its classification.

This unique piece of automotive history may be scooter-sized, although it’s priced slightly higher than your average two-wheeler. The self-assembly kit starts at approximately £12,100 ($15,435), while a fully-assembled model will set you back around £15,200 ($19,389). But for the chance to own and drive the world’s smallest car, that might just be a price worth paying.

The modern P50 has been updated with more contemporary stylings and paint options. Its classification as a light moped or scooter makes it street legal, adding a unique, space-efficient touch to your garage. Measuring only four and a half feet long and three and a quarter feet wide, the car is akin to a playful piece of nostalgia or a statement in eco-conscious driving.