These futuristic Nestron tiny homes can be plopped anywhere, starting at $42k

The housing market isn’t in great shape right now, especially if you live in the United States — where home prices have stayed high in spite of relatively high interest rates. Other modern stresses, including climate destruction and skyrocketing living costs, have driven more and more people to live off-grid in eco-friendly homesteading arrangements that self-sustain while contributing a minimal carbon footprint. That’s why compact, mobile tiny homes — which cost only a fraction of the price of a full house, albeit at a fraction of the size — have grown in popularity over the last decade or so.

Nestron is one such designer of tiny homes, like the futuristic Cube One (C1), Cube Two (C2), and Cube Two X (C2X) homes that range anywhere from $42.2k to $126.6k, depending on the configuration you choose at Nestron’s online showroom. These sleek, futuristic prefab designs are gorgeous and highly customizable, and you can order them fully furnished with all the amenities you could possibly want, including solar electricity (or local electricity), heating, and a fully-equipped bathroom with a smart toilet.

Designer: Nestron

They aren’t exactly spacious — the smallest prefab, the Cube One, only measures in at 254 square feet. Even if you go for the most expensive option, the Cube Two X with a double-bedroom layout, you’re still only getting about 398 square feet of space. That’s not a huge downside when you consider how much of the setup and decoration is done by Nestron itself.

According to an interview with Nestron founder Lawrence Xu (via Dwell), Nestron handles everything from logistics and transport to unloading, setting up utility connections, and even designing the exterior space around the property where the prefab is placed onto. It’s all pretty impressive when you consider just how much work and preparation is taken out of your hands, especially with consideration to complex HVAC and lighting systems — which are all handled by Nestron. All you need to do is customize the house online and order it.

Nestron’s custom interiors are gorgeous, and they’re not just for sci-fi fans who want a futuristic look for their frontier home. The Singapore-based tiny home designer also offers clean, modern-style tiny homes in the Legend series, which offer darker, more wooden tones and cozier interior decor in contrast to the Cube’s colder and more metallic tones.

You can reserve a tiny home on Nestron’s website today; it sounds like all orders from Texas, New York, California, Canada, and the U.K. will be fulfilled by the end of 2024.