These iPod Wallpapers for your iPhone give it a wonderfully retro-style Lock Screen!

22 years ago, Steve Jobs held in his hand what would quite literally be the turning point of his company. The iPod made its first debut in October 2001, and it’s difficult to picture what Apple would look like without it. Such has its cultural effect been on society that if you’re a millennial with an iPhone, chances are you probably owned (or tried desperately to convince your parents for) an iPod. However, if you missed that boat (or even if you just miss having an iPod right now), Oliur and Shane Levine’s wallpapers have you absolutely sorted. The iPod Wallpapers Pack turns your iPhone lock screen into a makeshift iPod with the popular music player’s display conveniently showcasing the date and time as well as your iPhone lock screen widgets. No, it won’t control music playback. Yes, we wish it did!

Designers: Oliur & Shane Levine

Click Here to Buy Now: $14

Turn your iPhone lock screen into a 6th Gen iPod Classic!

The $14 wallpaper pack comes with 12 different iPod Classic variants to choose from, including color varieties as well as themed and grungy iPods that kids bedazzled with stickers and other paraphernalia. All the images are high-definition, which works exceptionally well on your iPhone’s AMOLED retina screens…

Click Here to Buy Now: $14