These Transparent Headphones with ENC and a $144 price tag pair perfectly with the Nothing Phone

No, they aren’t the Nothing Headphones we’ve been waiting for all this while… but they are pretty spectacular-looking. Meet the Mondo Headphones by Defunc, a pair of over-ear cans with wireless audio and beefy sound that boast a gorgeous transparent body design. Equipped with clear covers on the left and right, the Mondo Headphones are yet another example of the rise in transparency in design. Whether it’s Nothing launching transparent phones and TWS earbuds, or even Beats making a see-through version of their StudioBuds +, it seems like there’s a rise in companies being more transparent with their consumers… literally. The Mondo Headphones come with a design that bares all, allowing you to see the circuitry, drivers, microphones, and batteries underneath the hood. The headphones come with dual-drivers and dual-mics, Bluetooth 5.2, and Environmental Noise Canceling. Plus, a highly affordable price tag of sub-$150 makes them almost a no-brainer to add to your tech gear collection.

Designer: Defunc Store

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The Mondo’s design language feels very reminiscent of Nothing x Apple. The headphones themselves are styled with the air of the AirPods Max, boasting metal stems, and comfortably rounded earpieces that cushion you in your own audiosphere. The headphones fold flat too, making them ideal for traveling with, but don’t expect an Apple-style carrying case with these. (Which may as well be a good thing given how unappealing the AirPods Max case is)

The over-ear headphones come with a dual-driver design, delivering balanced full-range audio. Each earpiece is equipped with a 1.6″ and a 0.4″ driver, delivering a respectable frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz for punchy lows, rich mids, and crisp highs. Dual mic arrays also ensure the headphones have great ENC or environmental noise cancellation, allowing you to listen to music, make calls, or even record voice notes with minimal interference from the world around you.

The headphones boast Bluetooth 5.2, offering quick and reliable pairing, and come with a battery that offers 45 hours of constant playback on a full charge – a feature that’s further enhanced by how comfortable the over-ear plus earcups are to wear for long periods of time. The Mondo has 430 hours of standby time, so your battery doesn’t drain too much when not in use (take that, AirPods Max), and a USB-C port lets you charge your headphones from 0-100 in 2 hours.

The Mondo headphones weigh just 9 ounces, undercutting most brands like Microsoft, Sony, Sonos, and Apple which range anywhere from 11 to 13 ounces. The price is a pretty compelling factor too, with a $144.9 tag for a pair of plush headphones with ENC. On the other hand, you do have controls for volume on the Mondo, and there’s a palpable lack of a dedicated button for your phone’s Voice AI like Siri on the AirPods Max. That shouldn’t be a deterrent though, for the budget range. The Mondo Headphones also ship with a USB-C charging cable and a coiled 1/8-inch audio cord for versatile listening options.

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