This $39 MagSafe Charger is like Apple’s AirPower Mat on performance-enhancing steroids…

If anything, the AirPower Mat did manage to achieve one remarkable thing – it pushed the idea of having one wireless charging solution for all of Apple’s devices. The AirPower Mat may have failed in this particular venture, but it did lead to multiple third-party manufacturers making their own version of a 3-in-1 charger. Now, INVZI is showing that there’s a way to make them even better. With a shapeshifting design and a MagSafe feature to align your phone, the INVZI MagFree Transform is easily the most impressive 3-in-1 charger I’ve seen. Use it flat like a charging mat, or swivel its halves to turn it into a charging dock. The MagFree Transform also routes more power to your devices than traditional chargers, juicing their batteries faster… and the kicker, its $39 price tag makes it a whopping $110 cheaper than the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO 3-in-1 charger that’s available on Apple’s own website.

Designer: INVZI

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 (44% off) Hurry! Only 41 hours left.

The two simple ways to look at the MagFree Transform are as A. a flat charger that’s easy to carry, and B. a shapeshifting versatile charger that juices your iPhone, Watch, and AirPods simultaneously. Individually, those are great features. Together, however, they make a formidable combination that sets the MagFree Transform apart as a perfect pick for charging both at your table as well as on the go.

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of the MagFree Transform’s design is the swiveling detail that allows it to go from mat to stand in under a second. Relying on an angular cut and a swivel joint, the MagFree Transform gets its name from its ability to literally shapeshift between one of two formats. In the mat-shaped format, the charger lets you easily rest all your gadgets down on its horizontal surface, but swivel it into a dock and it puts your smartphone on display, allowing it to snap into place thanks to a MagSafe detail in the charging ring. Meanwhile, the AirPods and Watch charge at the back, away from your view. The MagSafe ring supports both vertical and horizontal docking methods (with the latter activating the iPhone’s StandBy always-on screen.

Convenience aside, the MagFree Transform also outputs a total of 23W across all its charging zones, helping ‘rapidly’ juice all your devices. The primary charging coil outputs 15W to charge your iPhone faster than traditional 7.5W or 10W wireless chargers, while the coil for the Apple Watch maxes out at 5W, and the AirPods coil at 3W. Sure, this doesn’t compare to the kind of fast-charging speeds offered by wired chargers, but for a sleek wireless charger, the MagFree Transform sits at the top of its ladder.

It can simultaneously charge three devices at the same time, whether in mat or standing mode. A USB-C port on the back lets you hook your MagFree Transform to any power source (like an outlet or a power bank) so you can charge anywhere, whether it’s on your workspace or at your bedside. Heck, at that $39 price point, I’d probably buy multiple units just to keep in different parts of my house. The only thing missing is a USB-C out that would allow you to connect your charger to an iPad or any other device for wired charging too. However, the MagFree Transform focuses strictly on wireless charging, which is a kind of commitment that I can respect.


The MagFree Transform supports Apple’s StandBy feature during charging.

Measuring 8 inches in length, 3.2 inches wide, and 0.59 inches thick, the MagFree Transform is just marginally bigger than a Plus/Max iPhone. It weighs a paltry 100 grams, making it incredibly easy to slip right into your bag or backpack to carry around with you, and comes in two color choices – white or black, with the ability to attach (and even swap) vegan leather veneers on top to cushion your gadgets and give the MagFree Transform a classy and distinct look.

Each MagFree Transform charger starts at a discounted $39, and also includes a 30W GaN charging brick along with a 3.3ft USB-C cable in the box. An additional $10 will either get you a soft-shell case to carry your charger and its accessories, or a set of those aforementioned vegan leather covers to customize your gadget. The MagFree Transform ships globally starting April 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 (44% off) Hurry! Only 41 hours left.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 (44% off) Hurry! Only 41 hours left.