This $49 Reusable Film Camera gives your Holiday Photos the Perfect Retro Touch

You may know Moment for their top-notch smartphone photography gear. Moment makes some of the best iPhone camera lenses (the Anamorphic lens still remains on the top of my wishlist), and even accessories like filters, tripods, and mounts, but the company is now dipping its toe into actual photography with the Long Weekend, a 35mm point and shooter with a disposable-camera aesthetic, but a reusable film design. With an incredibly modest price tag of $49.99, the Long Weekend is perfect for holidays, get-togethers, and special events. The photos it clicks have a distinct retro appeal with the focus-free 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens that gives your images a dreamy 90s aesthetic.

Designers: Long Weekend & Moment

Click Here to Preorder: $49.99

The Long Weekend is a perfect camera for low-stakes high-memories photography, whether it’s a wedding, a beach holiday, or even your kid’s first serious camera. It’s intuitive to use (with just a shutter button and a flash switch) and comes with a lightweight plastic body that can take a few bumps without your heart skipping a beat. The camera comes in two color-ways – a default black, and a gorgeous retrocam-looking cream and blue that reminds us of the Polaroid OneStep.

Optimized for 135 Film (24X36mm) with an ISO range of 200/400, the camera offers versatility in film choice, allowing users to experiment with various film stocks, from classic black & white to popular color films like Kodak Ultramax. The focus-free 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens simplifies the shooting process, making it a great tool for beginners. However, this simplicity does mean a reduction in creative control, as there are no adjustable settings for shutter speed or aperture.

The camera’s shutter speed is fixed at 1/120, and the aperture is locked at f/9, offering a depth of field that covers objects from a distance of one meter onwards. This focus-free approach makes operation straightforward, as you’d expect from a disposable camera… but with the ability to switch out films and continue shooting for as long as the camera lasts you! The lens is made of plastic, resulting in blurry and vignetted corners, a characteristic that you’ll surely come to love.

The Long Weekend also comes equipped with a built-in flash (with a recycle time of 10-15 seconds), making it suitable for low-light shooting. This feature, along with its simple and intuitive operation, makes the camera a fun, easy-to-use device for all skill levels. The flash and the camera itself draw power from a single AAA battery, adding to its convenience and portability.

The camera is available for preorder at $49.99, with deliveries expected to begin from December 26. That may mean missing out on capturing the holiday memories with your friends and family, but it’s just in time for your New Years party or a holiday that follows after!

Click Here to Preorder: $49.99