This Apocalyptic Cyberpunk Cafe Racer has a humble BMW R Nine T underneath it

The R nine T is perhaps BMW, nay, the world’s most customized bike. Ognjen Docic remixed this versatile classic into something virtually unrecognizable but vastly more eye-catching. Dubbed the Rat Race, this cafe racer isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s skeletal yet meaty, and explores unique design directions like using transparent plastic as a part of its overall fairing. This post-apocalyptic beauty also seats just one, because if Hollywood’s taught us anything, the apocalypse always creates lone wolves!

Designer: Ognjen Docic

The Rat Race’s aesthetic explores the addition, removal, and reinforcement of its overall structure. Certain parts of the fairing are removed because they add no value. Others are given further reinforcement like the fuel tank (perhaps to deter theft), and the overall chassis gets a secondary frame to make it stronger for more aggressive riding.

“I transformed the iconic BMW R9T model into dream vision, seamlessly blending vintage aesthetics for a retro old-school vibe with futuristic elements. By merging the past and future in design, I believe it transcends a specific era, becoming timeless,” says Serbia-based designer, Ognjen Docic. “In my rendition, the bike retains its original structure with subtle modifications to the frame. Introducing “Rat Race,” this concept embodies the timeless struggle, capturing the essence of life’s rat race.”

When asked about the Rat Race’s specs, Docic mentions – “Specifications of the motorcycle are unknown! Crafted within the confines of my mind, it borrows foundational elements from the R9T model. My imagination took residence in an underground motorcycle tuning garage in the outskirts of Belgrade.”

An interesting touch is Docic’s use of transparent materials in the motorcycle’s body design. A panel around the headlight almost looks like a transparent skull for the bike, enveloping its headlight and a portion of its handlebars. The base of the automobile has it too, as does the end, where Docic cleverly implemented edge-lighting to create a rather unique-looking taillight. This use of transparent plastic adds to the structure without adding to the bulk or volume.

The result of the entire endeavor is a bike that’s practically unrecognizable, but somehow still manages to have its own distinct character (and possibly a very interesting backstory). It looks like it’s been through hell and back, and still has the willpower for handling some more. Those ridiculously chunky tires are proof that the Rat Race was built to get you anywhere you want to go – no questions asked… and the lack of rear-view mirrors is proof that where you’re going, there’s no looking back!