This Baroque Wireless Mouse concept is the most beautiful tech gadget I’ve ever seen

Forget transparent gadgets with their exposed circuitry, forget gamer gear with their flashy LEDs, this right here takes the prize for being the most gorgeous tech-aesthetic ever. Meet the Ornamental MSI Mouse, a wireless mouse concept from the mind of Eslam Mohammed. Crafted out of pure metal, the mouse eschews sleek surfaces for something a little out of the ordinary. Instead of a basic outer shell, the mouse sports an eye-catchingly intricate baroque-inspired metal outer casing. With ample cutouts that let you see through the details right into the mouse’s inner body, the shell is a combination of detail-heavy yet visually light. To balance the use of Baroque, the left and right buttons are left sleek and plain, creating a fusion that looks so good you’ll never want to lay your hands on another mouse in your life.

Designer: Eslam Mohammed

The Ornamental MSI Mouse blends two genres of classic aesthetics together into one gorgeous form. A very fresh reinterpretation of steampunk, this mouse is simultaneously old-school and new-age, with that ornamental chassis that encases wireless tracking tech that you’d expect from the computer peripherals of today.

The baroque shell itself looks to be either cast or machined out of metal (3D printing would be a little too expensive), and then capped with the other parts that fix right together. If the shell were to be made of aluminum, the mouse would still be incredibly light considering its all-metal construction. The hollow shell design promotes air-flow, which means you’ll never find yourself with sweaty palms… just be a little careful of resting your hand on the mouse too long or you’ll have the baroque imprints on your hand! This mouse clearly isn’t for intensive workplace usage.

Capping off the mouse’s design are all-metal left and right-click buttons, along with two shortcut buttons underneath the thumb on the side. The buttons are also accompanied by a gorgeous knurled scroll wheel that combines luxury with tactile. There’s nothing ‘cheap’ or plastic about the mouse’s design. The only real drawback is that Eslam’s concept is just that… a concept. Hopefully he’ll build a prototype soon. When he does, I’ll have my credit card ready!