This Bizarre $5000 device gives ChatGPT a face that you can physically talk to

Ever felt weird chatting with Siri or Google Assistant because you know for a fact that they don’t exist? Or even ChatGPT for that matter. The folks at Wehead have a solution. It isn’t a fairly remarkable one, or an affordable one either… but it aims to help humans anthropomorphize AI assistants, because there’s nothing Silicon Valley won’t try solving.

Designed to look like a cyborg bust that sits on your table, the Wehead is a GPT-powered AI assistant that has a face (or something that passes off as one). Multiple displays come together to create the Wehead’s face, which offers a variety of different avatars that you can chat with. The cameras built into the device help the AI ‘see’ you as it makes conversation, and the head moves too, tilting sideways, nodding up and down, and being able to look around. Despite all that advancement, the Wehead feels less like a head and more like a tech-driven caricature. The attempt to humanize AI almost feels like a parody as it exists miles away from the uncanny valley, even though it’s technically impressive on paper. Oh, and it also costs a whopping $5,000 of your American dollars. If you’re scared of a future where AI replaces humans, don’t worry… this one surely won’t.

Designer: Wehead

The Weahad takes a stab at technology’s age-old pursuit of creating ‘companionship’ through AI. It’s designed with an objective of being a friend you can talk to, and who can provide sage advice… although the idea of taking a split-screen body-less oracle head’s advice seriously feels equal parts dystopian and hilarious.

“Wehead GPT is embodied LLM that helps you with brainstorming, decision making and self-reflection. For thinking out loud. At home or office. Any time you need it. On any topic,” says the company behind the device. However, as noble (and honestly remarkable) as that problem statement is, the Wehead’s appearance is what holds it back. Besides, the use of the word ’embodied’ feels rich. You’re constantly reminded that you’re talking to a bunch of oddly angled screens that mimic the shape of a human head. Maybe Wehead should reach out to the folks behind Google’s Project Starline…

The announcement of the WeHead GPT Edition brought to mind the unforgettable moment when Tesla unveiled its humanoid robot. Except instead of a sleek, futuristic robot, we got a person in a spandex suit doing the robot dance. It was a masterstroke of trolling, reminding us all that sometimes, the future isn’t as polished as we imagine it to be.

Despite its dystopian vibe, you have to admit there’s something endearingly humorous about the WeHead. It’s like having a pet that doesn’t need feeding or walking, just a good, old-fashioned power outlet and perhaps an existential conversation about its purpose every now and then. It won’t judge you for wearing the same pajamas three days in a row or for talking to a head because, well, it’s a head.

And let’s face it, in a world where we’re increasingly glued to our screens, having a physical head to talk to might just be the quirky solution we didn’t know we needed… although might I remind you that you’ll still be glued to screens with the WeHead. It’s an attempt to bring back the art of conversation, albeit with a partner that’s more circuit board than flesh and blood. The WeHead doesn’t pretend to be your friend; it’s a reminder of the slightly off-kilter future we’re stepping into, one awkward interaction at a time.

So, if you’re longing for a taste of tomorrow, today, and you’ve got a sense of humor about the whole ‘AI taking over the world’ thing, the WeHead GPT Edition might just be for you. Just remember, it’s more than a conversation piece; it’s a conversational piece. Available soon to anyone looking to spice up their chats with a touch of the future’s peculiar flavor, and with 5 grand to spare. Besides, who knows, in a world gone mad, talking to a head might just be the sanest thing you do.