This Carbon-Fiber E-Bike Has A 750W Motor And The Soul Of An ATV

Some people cycle for exercise, some do it for the commute, and some do it as a sport, exploring the toughest terrain on the planet. Common sense dictates that all those activities would require bicycles of different calibers and capabilities – the Heybike Hero wasn’t designed for ‘common sense’… it was designed to absolutely defy it. Armed with a 1000W motor and an incredibly resilient carbon fiber frame, the Hero conquers all, whether it’s well-paved bike lanes or harsh off-road terrain. Available in two styles, the Hero has an overall range of 60 miles on a full charge, weighs just 75 lbs, and comes with a staggering 10-year warranty on the bike’s solid carbon fiber frame.

Designer: Heybike

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The Hero comes in two variants, the Step Through with its distinct frame design, and the Trapeze, which is slightly more conventional, but just as spectacular looking. Along with the two frame designs, you also have the option between a 750W mid-drive motor, or a 1000W rear drive motor. The mid-drive motor is notable for its efficiency, and its position plays a crucial role in boosting the e-bike’s power. This central motor configuration offers a few distinct advantages – By strategically placing the motor near the pedals, the Hero achieves a more balanced weight distribution. This translates to improved handling and stability, particularly crucial when navigating uneven terrain or challenging inclines. Traditional hub motors, often located on the front or rear wheel, can cause the bike to feel unbalanced and hinder maneuverability on technical trails. The Hero’s mid-drive motor placement ensures a more natural riding experience, akin to a traditional bicycle.

Furthermore, the mid-drive motor delivers torque directly to the drivetrain, resulting in a smoother and more natural power delivery compared to hub motors. This translates to effortless ascents on challenging inclines and smooth power delivery on rugged trails. Riders can conquer diverse landscapes with confidence, knowing the Hero can handle demanding climbs and uneven surfaces with ease. For riders on a budget, the 1000W rear-wheel variant offers a good balance between power and price, having a tag that’s $300 cheaper than the mid-drive motor variant.

An e-bike isn’t really complete with just a motor, though… the Hero also packs an intelligent torque sensor that continuously monitors the rider’s pedaling input, adjusting the motor’s assistance accordingly. As the rider applies more pressure to the pedals, the sensor detects the increased effort and seamlessly increases motor assistance. Conversely, when the rider eases off pedaling, the sensor reduces motor assistance, creating a more natural and intuitive riding experience. This eliminates the jerky starts and stops sometimes associated with e-bikes, minimizing rider fatigue and maximizing efficiency. You’ve also got 5 levels of pedal assist to choose from, letting you either rely heavily on the motor for a more relaxed riding experience, or go entirely analog and test your cardio and stamina.

Conquering new territories and exploring hidden gems becomes easy thanks to the Hero’s impressive range. On a single charge, the Hero boasts an overall range of up to 60 miles, powered by a rigorously certified 864Wh battery. This eliminates “range anxiety,” a common concern for e-bike riders. Furthermore, the 48V/4A charger offers a full charge in just 4 hours, letting you spend more time on the road and less time attached to a power socket.

The meticulously crafted T800 carbon fiber frame also plays a crucial role in the Hero’s exceptional performance. Preferred by elite automotive and aerospace industries for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, the carbon fiber build allows the Hero to achieve a remarkable weight of only 2.8kg. This translates to superior maneuverability on the trails, particularly when navigating tight corners or uneven surfaces. A heavier e-bike can feel sluggish and cumbersome, especially when navigating technical terrain. The Hero’s lightweight design allows for effortless handling and increased control, empowering riders to tackle challenging trails with confidence. The frame is also exceptionally durable, allowing the Hero to tackle even the most demanding terrain without breaking a sweat.

Both the Step-through and Trapeze variants cater to riders of all sizes, ranging from 5’3″ to 6’6″ feet tall, thanks to an adjustable saddle design. The saddle comes with shock absorption too, along with the frame’s full-suspension build, offering a smooth riding experience regardless of the terrain you shred on. 26×4-inch tires let you glide on rocky roads as if they were paved concrete, and hydraulic disc brakes let you stop confidently to keep you and others around you safe.

The e-bike comes with its own dashboard that displays relevant riding information, although what sets it apart is a companion smartphone app that adds a layer of ‘smartness’ to your e-bike experience. The Heybike app seamlessly integrates with the e-bike, providing riders with valuable data and functionalities. The app displays real-time data on speed, distance traveled, and battery level, allowing riders to monitor their progress and plan their journeys effectively. It also boasts navigation assistance, a valuable tool for exploring unfamiliar territories. Riders can pre-plan their routes or utilize the app’s navigation features to discover new trails. Additionally, the app offers various intelligent features that can further enhance the riding experience. These features may include customizable settings for motor assistance levels, trip history tracking, and maintenance reminders.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a frame design, you can choose between the 750W mid-drive motor that offers 160Nm of torque and a much more powerful ride experience, or the 1000W rear-drive motor that opts for a more standard e-bike architecture and offers just 100Nm of torque. The 750W Hero starts at a discounted $2699, while the 1000W comes for $2399. Both variants have a 2-year warranty on the e-bike itself, but a 10-year warranty on Heybike’s state-of-the-art carbon fiber chassis.

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