This compact ATV hauling trailer is ultimate companion for your ice fishing escapades

There are different kinds of people with varied adventure/recreation demands. Trailer builders have been trying to cater to all the distinct needs through teardrops – compact trailers – for Overlanding expeditions, beaches, and campsites. Now leaping onto ice, Minnesota-based Eveland’s Inc has built the IcePro, a compact, lightweight toy hauling mobile house that you can take ice fishing.

Designed for ice anglers with the will to own a toy hauling fish house, the IcePro features a boxy profile that is based on an aluminum frame. A neon blue line divides the top white and bottom black color fiberglass exterior that renders the tiny trailer lightweight to tow behind an ATV. And to our surprise, the ATV is parked within the IcePro itself, when you’re not occupying it over a frozen lake.

Designer: IcePro Trailers

Inside the winterized fiberglass exterior, the IcePro has a well-insulated molded plastic interior that is comfortable and remains warm throughout your adventure on ice. This convenience is provided in 17 feet by 6.5 feet boxy structure, which is 6.8 feet high and apt to haul up to 1,200 lbs payload.

Envisioned to keep you comfy in harsh weather, the IcePro is priced at $24,995. With a dedicated garage – behind its double rear doors – for storing your ATV, the trailer can be easily towed by the ATV when you are ready to venture out. Once you reach the frozen ice, you can use the winch tire system to lower the IcePro down to the ice level so the occupant(s) can drill a hole in the ice from one of the (several) Catch Cover fishing holes and lower the fishing rods to begin with the business.

Since the IcePro isn’t meant to be a house on wheels; it has a minimalistic layout with overhead storage, large cabinets, and four Bluetooth speakers. It can be customized with an optional pair of swivel captain’s chairs, a generator, a fish finder system from Garmin, certain portable kitchen appliances, and an inflatable mattress. If you want to be on the ice, angling your heart’s content, the IcePro is a toy hauler you need. And I wish the ATV came complimentary with it!