This desk comes with a rollable OLED screen, haptic touchscreen and built-in speakers

When I first laid my eyes on the LG Signature rollable TV, I knew it was going to be the future of modern living rooms. The idea of a rollable display is practicality at its best, and can have so many applications. One of them could be in the form of a smart desk with an in-built display that hides from plain sight when not needed.

Yes, this concept design dubbed Mindset: Built-In Computer Desk is the most elegant working space a minimalist could long for. The idea here is to focus on the productivity of work and minimize distractions. Another resounding benefit is the space-saving aspect as big displays take up a chunk of the usable desk space.

Designer: Designer Dot

When you’re done with the day’s tasks on your PC, the 40-inch ultrawide OLED screen with webcamera can retract back into the frame (remember it is a rollable display) and you can engage in digital detox activities like reading, sketching, or reading books. In the second mode, since there is no screen in front of you, the urge to watch video content or scroll mindlessly through websites is not there. All you’ve got is an empty desk space to engage in wind-up routines for a healthy lifestyle.

The smart desk has built-in wireless speakers right behind the display housing for optimized aesthetics. When the rollable display retracts back into the housing the Bluetooth 5.3 capable speakers move forward to cover the gap. This prevents any dust or other foreign matter from entering the space. Not only this, the desk comes with a touchscreen keyboard with haptic feedback and a touchpad, so you don’t need to worry about working on your desk. There’s a wireless charging pad underneath the surface that keeps your gadgets juiced up. The only thing you need to bring along is your laptop to connect to the plug-and-play desk.

All the cables are concealed inside the legs and the ports are hidden from direct view to one side of the desk. The cable management system is designed in a way that it automatically adjusts the wire lengths when adjusting the height. The concept seems very useful for people who love to have a clutter-free working space that turns into a personal creativity space with minimum fuzz.

This desk comes with a rollable OLED screen, haptic touchscreen and built-in speakers