This Eclipse-themed Outdoor Trailer is perfect for the Wanderlust who wants to live on the road

The most recent celestial phenomenon – the solar eclipse – has inspired a lot of things including individuals who traveled hundreds of miles to be left spellbound by the sight of a total solar eclipse on April 8. If you missed it for some reason, you won’t get another chance any time before the next predicted total eclipse to happen in August of 2026.

So, before that happens, Taxa Outdoors, the name behind the Mantis travel trailer, has unveiled a solar eclipse-inspired rendition of the Mantis. The upgraded Mantis travel trailer – Dark Sky Mantis – is sleek in design, and follows a dark color scheme to substantiate its name.

Designer: Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors has been designing travel trailers for outdoor adventures for years, and their expertise and knowledge are squeezed fully into the Mantis. This is why there is no surprise that the company chose this model to pay ode to the once-in-a-lifetime celestial magic. The resulting Dark Sky Mantis is going to be just like the eclipse itself; it is strictly limited promotional built and will be available only between April 8 and 15, 2024.

The limited-edition Dark Sky Mantis, except for the matte black color and certain exterior graphics, is almost the same as the Mantis travel trailer. To that accord, the trailer is designed for the adventures of off-grid living. It is ready to go wherever you want, following the astronomical phenomenon or just for a drive to a location in the wilderness.

The off-road capable Dark Sky Mantis – in addition to the matte back finish and special graphics on the exterior – has off-roading tires to match the dark color theme of the trailer. On the other hand, the eclipse-inspired trailer has increased ground clearance, axle-less suspension and articulating Lock ‘N’ Roll hitch. Like the OG Mantis, this new model also measures 19 feet long, enough to accommodate four adults in a bed that converts to a dining or lounging space, and an additional convertible bunk bed.

The interior space is enhanced by a pop-up roof, while the people opting for the strictly limited trailer will get a well-laid-out kitchen, equipped with a two-burner stove, cooler, and sink, and a functional bathroom. Taxa Outdoors has not named the price of the Dark Sky Mantis, but we can expect it to cost over $45,750, that Mantis fetches.