This Elevated Cabin In Nova Scotia Deserves To Be Your Next Weekend Getaway

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing in the woods to get away to and relax, then you’ve reached the right place. Cabins are by far the best type of vacation I’ve come across. They’re a peaceful and tranquil option to abandon your urban life and woes, and simply unwind in nature. If you’re wondering where to head for your next cabin retreat, you can refer to this collection of beautiful and super cozy cabins we’ve gathered. They’re the perfect safe haven nestled in the midst of nature, providing a break from your everyday hectic life. And we’ve found a pretty awesome cabin for you – the White Rock Cottage.

Designer: Omar Gandhi Architects

Dubbed the White Rock Cottage, and designed by Canadian studio Omar Gandhi Architects, this beautiful elevated cabin is located on a forested hillside in Nova Scotia. The cozy cabin has been wrapped in Corten steel, and it occupies 1500 square feet in a five-acre property in the Gaspereau River Valley, which is quite a popular destination for cycling, hiking, skiing, and wine tourism.

The enchanting cottage is gifted with views of the valley since it is deftly perched on a steep incline. It can be accessed via a tight driveway, and a gravel footpath, although you need to climb it slowly, and it can take a while to reach. The studio designed the cottage to be a unique escape that allows its residents to “disconnect, unwind, and rejuvenate, providing friends, colleagues, and families with an environment that fosters improved mental well-being,”

“Our project was born from the aspiration to create a serene woodland retreat, a meditative escape,” said Omar Gandhi. “Diverging from neighboring properties, we embraced a unique approach, blending craft, design, texture, and light variation to evoke an aura of mystery and darkness complemented by delightful surprises and breathtaking views of the forest and valley beyond.”

The cabin is essentially a massive corrugated Corten steel box that is supported by slender columns. The entry consists of smooth weathering steel and has been recessed below the structure, placed right next to a covered patio, which is made using gravel.