This ‘Foldable’ Security Camera has a hinge that also lets you ‘shut down’ your camera!

Most cameras follow a simple architecture – they’re either cylindrical shaped, following the traditional shape of camera lenses, or they’re spherical shaped, allowing for 360° rotation. Not that cameras need to be any awkward or unique shape, but it helps when something breaks the mold, creating a design that stands out for being radically unique. Meet the Psync Genie S, a camera that thinks outside the box, by making a camera that quite literally IS a box. With a ‘lid’ that contains the camera lens and the floodlight, the Genie S automatically adjusts itself to face anywhere on a vertical axis, letting it look straight, up, or down. However, the lid also has another feature, it acts as a literal privacy shutter by simply allowing you to ‘shut down’ your camera. Turn the camera off and its lid quite literally closes to have the lens face directly downward, effectively turning the camera off!

Designers: Milian Lu and Duo Li

Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus principles, the Genie S boasts a minimalist aesthetic. Clean lines and geometric shapes prioritize function without compromising style. But the camera’s true innovation lies in its transformable design. Unlike most static security cameras, the Genie S features a unique “Open Box” design that physically transforms based on its operational state. This movement provides instant feedback to users, letting them know whether the camera is active or not. It’s a subtle yet effective detail that enhances the user experience.

Beyond its rather quirky-yet-functional form, the Genie S packs a powerful technological punch. At its heart lies a tiny, custom-developed dual-axis gimbal system. This innovative technology allows for a wide field of view, capturing a significant portion of your space with 350-degree horizontal and 135-degree vertical coverage. Furthermore, the Genie S boasts a crisp 2K resolution with 6x zoom, allowing you to see clear details even when zoomed in on specific areas.

One of the most intriguing features of the Genie S is its “ViewSay” technology. This AI-powered system goes far beyond simple motion detection. ViewSay analyzes and interprets the visual data it captures, providing users with intelligent notifications. Imagine receiving a notification that says “Pet cat playing on the couch” instead of a generic “motion detected” alert. This level of detail allows for a more informed response and peace of mind.

The Genie S prioritizes user control over data privacy. Unlike some security cameras that rely on cloud storage subscriptions, the Genie S offers local storage options (32GB or 64GB). This ensures your data remains private and eliminates any hidden fees associated with cloud storage. Additionally, users can customize motion detection alerts to receive notifications only for specific events, such as people, pets, or vehicles. This minimizes unnecessary alerts and allows you to focus on what truly matters.