This four-wheeled futuristic electric-hydrogen hybrid bike actually rides on two wheels

Just look at this two-wheeled ride that’s a mashup of a funky electric bike, an electric car and a space capsule. Electric four-wheeler I say because it has four sets of wheels – two at the front and two at the back in close proximity. Something akin to the wheel configurations of a truck’s rear wheels.

Here the hubless wheels provide extra stability on the tarmac and also help in the cornering speed of the bike. They have an independent wishbone suspension system for each of the wheels that further helps in the stability. The whole setup of Karver Cyle Concept K1 is tuned for performance-oriented travel on freeways and metropolis.

Designer: Kip Kubisz

The secure cabin surrounded by panoramic glass panels gives the rider 180-degree freedom of viewing. Step inside and you have a sporty and ergonomic seating configuration tailored for speed. That F1 steering wheel-like configuration has a much-simplified interface to show all the vital telemetry. Beyond it lies the stylish dashboard showing the current speed, electric motor heat levels and other vital driving data.

The K1 concept is propelled forward by a hybrid electric–hydrogen motor churning out loads of torque. This gives the vehicle top-notch acceleration from a standing position. However, don’t expect it to break any land speed records. Fins on both the rear ends provide aerodynamic stability and keep it glued to the road for maximum traction. Such is the stance of the bike that provides one with maximum confidence to put the foot to the metal.

At heart the Karver Cyle Concept K1 is a sports car given its exhaust design and the flowing, aerodynamic shape – but it is a two-wheeler. One can say it gets the best of both worlds – the secure housing of a car with the thrill of a bike.