This handsome three-wheeled EV boasts advanced tilting tech to keep it from toppling over

Three-wheeled electric vehicles mostly targeted for city driving are a practical option instead of four-wheelers and a safer bet than exposed two-wheelers. There’s a downside when compared to cars though, they are not as safe as you would expect them to be, since they can topple over if driven rashly.

This was the main focus for the French nonprofit electric mobility group, SIREMS Association, who’s developed one of the safest three-wheeled electric vehicles with advanced safety features to prevent accidents. The placement of the two wheels on the rear delivers more traction and the shift of center of gravity with the semi-reclined feet forward positioning helps produce more torque.

Designer: SIREMS Association

So that the rider is confident of cornering at high speeds, the rear wheels tilt depending on the tilt of the body. The maker has developed Mobile Lateral Elements (MLEs) which are a pair of advanced doo-hickeys on each side of the front wheel to eliminate any chance of toppling over. They act like a counterbalance to prevent the inside from hitting the road and outside MLEs to keep the EV from going off balance. Just in case the speed is too high and the toppling over action cannot be prevented (laws of physics remember), these MLEs force the vehicle to prop up.

Collisions are also a probability, so these MLEs help absorb a frontal impact. There’s a triangle-shaped structure called Programmed Restraint Device (PRD) just behind the cockpit that dissipates the energy of the collision and also keeps the rider from going over the handlebar. The crumble zones of the vehicle act as a cargo storage space which is as added benefit. In case of a rear impact, the wheels detach and the frame disintegrates to prevent the driver from being crushed if the vehicle flips over.

For now, founder Philippe Girardi plans to have the finished prototype ready for testing by the end of 2024. The vehicle will hit the roads in 2028 at a speculated price of $32,500.