This lightweight camper for mid-sized trucks has auto expanding pop-top mechanism to maximize headroom

Adventure Manufacturing has been delighting adventurous souls with their truck campers ever since the 2020 pandemic under the brand Scout Campers. With the success of the hardtop shell Tuktut camper for 4×4 trucks, the new addition to the lineup focuses on all-weather and lightweight design, making even more sense.

Designed for mid-sized MUVs like Toyota Tacoma, Ford Raptor and Jeep Gladiator, the pop-top camper dubbed Yoho Pop Up is ultra-lightweight at just 976 lbs, and is super easy to set up. Thus, making it ideal for vehicles that can be prepped for an adventure trip by the morning time, and then, trimmed down back to their native utility by the night. This all-weather camper doesn’t eat up much of your range which makes it an even better choice for electric MUVs and electric off-road trucks.

Designer: Scout Campers

The brand is targeting midsized truck users who don’t want to compromise on fuel economy and crave a solution that hits the right balance of protection and practicality of use. Yoho Pop Up is made out of composite panels with an aluminum exoskeleton and a single-piece monocoque composite roof. The cabinets are made out of recycled paper and feature bamboo countertops. Scout Campers is confident that the pop-up camper sleeps three people and a dog or a small kid, but to be safe we’ll say, two adults and a dog or small kid is what the pop-top will be comfy enough on extended trips.

It has a total height of 69.75 inches which can be expanded to 79 inches for more headroom even for the tallest of people. The expanding function can be initiated with the built-in pop-top mechanism (called Early Rise) that allows you to leave your bedding in place even when the top is down. The automated feature comes in handy when traveling solo, or weather conditions are not in your favor. Designed to mimic the look of a hardtop shell camper, the Yoho Pop Up has larger doors for easy access.

The maker has fitted the Pop Up version with an 18.5-liter Lifesaver Jerrycan Filtration-ready water canister with a 3,000-W Goal Zero power station. A stainless steel sink, dual 100W solar panels, a 5-lb propane tank, and exterior lighting also come standard with the model. If you want to go for more, there is the optional 45-L Dometic CFX3 fridge, Kammok Crosswing awning, portable indoor/outdoor gas cooktop, portable toilet, and 7.5-L RotoPax canister to increase the freshwater capacity.

The pricing of Yoho Pop Up is more than the hardtop version at $27,000 which is surprising. Also, we have to keep in mind the fully proof weather-resistant design of the hardtop model. While most of the hardcore adventurers will lean towards the Tuktut, this pop-top version is made for people looking to have the option of a low drive profile while traveling. Those interested can make a $500 deposit to book their unit with availability promised in a few months.