This MagSafe compatible accessory with real clock helps curb digital addiction

Smartphone as a tool has evolved beyond comprehension but the double-edged sword characteristic of the mobile device has turned it into a nightmare for some. When not used in moderation, or excessive indulgence in time-consuming apps takes a toll on health and productivity, the smartphone becomes a self-destructive tool.

Even if you decide to go cold turkey and completely give up smartphone addiction, the demon haunts you, and the vicious circle strikes again. The best strategy is to have that sense of realization and not try to restrict anything, but rather realize how important your time is.

Designer: Hyunsub ‍Shin and Yeji Han

Thinking along the same lines, the two budding designers have mustered up this unique MagSafe-compatible accessory to get over digital addiction. Sticking to the back of the smartphone, there’s a real clock with a single-hour hand to keep one aware of the passing time. It also doubles as a holder for all your cards, quick cash, or any other important receipt. There’s space to insert a supplied paper card that gets the embossing of the clock hand for the time you’ve not used the phone. This can be used to jot down the tasks completed during that period for a sense of accomplishment and create a journal.

The premium-looking accessory also doubles as a stand if you want to consume multimedia content. Sure, it will add bulk to your phone but if you desperately want to take your digital detox seriously, it is a good way to do it.