This Motocompo inspired café racer is born to perform stunning stoppies

Concept bike designs are one of the most interesting projects we come across on Behance. They can be amazingly detailed, utterly impractical, or just plain bizarre at times. We try acquaint all you motorheads with eye-popping rides that seem to have dropped right out of the Cyberpunk universe and the MK1 motorcycle is one of them.

This motorbike is a cool blend of a café racer, Moto GP bike and a drag racer. While it looks to be inspired by the Motocompo in some ways, the bike’s long wheelbase and low riding position give off typical café racer persona. At first glance, it seemed to me like a Motocompo on steroids.

Designer: Salvatore Ville

Just like with all Motocompo versions and their knock-offs, the riding position is a bit awkward and the saddle is not going to be comfortable even for short city rides. The bike is powered by an electric drivetrain that’s concealed behind the body frame. Leaning more towards the front section, the ride is oriented for speedy straight-line stints. Pressure on the front tires is kept a bit lower on the front wheels as compared to the rear ones. This ensures maximum grip on the front, making it ideal for a drag race of a few hundred meters.

The front gets a contoured headlight which is a change from the original Motocompo bike. This makes the ride more oriented towards a café racer character if the rider wants to take it for a spin in the city. Driving modes on the bike can be changed via a turnable knob on the rear of the body, just where the knees of the rider would be in the riding position. Performing stoppies on the MK1 will be much easier due to the forward leaning position while going for a wheelie would require some muscle and special skill on the tarmac.