This muscle electric car’s retro-modern flair is what this Tesla obsessed world needs

This muscle electric car’s retro-modern flair is what this Tesla obsessed world needs

Fusing the vintage look of classic cars with the modern aesthetics of an electric vehicle is no mean feat since they are contrasting genres altogether. One look at this beastly machine and you’d believe it’s propelled by a fuel-powered engine. But it’s not!

Hiding underneath its muscular form is an electric motor that fully complements the intimidating aura. The big chunky wheels, industrial look and reinforced cockpit are meant for speed rush on the highway or race tracks.

Designer: Radek Štěpán

The concept is completely handcrafted – even though in the digital realm – and would make for an interesting EV in the current times. More so when all the electric cars are getting the definitive futuristic aesthetic and larger-than-life looks. The ride has got a lot of grunt visually, even though it might not have the scream of a V8 or V12 engine.

It incorporates the visual flair of the Ferrari 330 P4, and the streamlined design of the Porsche 956 while having the elegance of the Lola T70. If you’ve been a fan of the 70s and 80s racing cars, you know where this is coming from. Paint it in matte black and you’ve got the perfect getaway ride for a vigilante – Batman that is what I meant!

The front and the rear sections get an interesting design here as the former has recessed LED headlights and the former has a cut-open look for the taillights. That elongated hood and the fat rear perfectly go with the vintage modernized look of the race car.

What sets this muscle electric car apart from the other futuristic designs is its raw feel. Want to take it for a spin already? We bet your speed buds are already tingling.