This Open-Air Market In Japan Features Expansive Roofs And An A-Frame Inspired Design

This stunning structure is called the Marche Vision Market, and it is located in Taki town, Mie prefecture, Japan. Designed by Tomoya Akasaka, this exquisite market is unlike the typical, crowded, chaotic, and often haphazardly designed markets you may have come across. The key elements of the market are the rather expansive and impressive roofs which were designed after drawing inspiration from the water cycle, since rain and sunshine are essentials for the growth of crops. The unique roofs represent the absorption of energy via the curved surface extending over the ground. The repetitive torii gates at the Akone Yashiro Shine, located within the Ise Grand Shrine were sources of inspiration for the structures supporting the roof. The torii gates represent the prayers for abundant harvest, plentiful fishing yields, and successful businesses, forming a beautiful connection and symbolism, since the market promotes and sells local produce.

Designer: Tomoya Akasaka

The Marche Vision isn’t simply a market, it focuses on and attempts to foster regional collaboration through food. It takes the age-old and successful concept of the farmers’ market and elevates it by promoting dining events, to stimulate and support regional innovation and growth. The impressive roof is meant to represent the serene connection between heaven and earth, and it shelters a space that functions as an engaging landscape, where fresh ingredients and produce are encouraged, and business is conducted at a dynamic and productive pace.

The roofs shelter an open-air space, where visitors are allowed to connect with the outdoors, nature, and changing seasons, something which is not often seen in modern retail and shopping centers. This thoughtful touch reduces energy consumption, in turn addressing and offering a unique solution to environmental issues. The eaves form a surface for raindrops to descend regularly, in turn creating a ‘rain curtain’. The side facing the expressway has been integrated with local wooden louvers, adding a touch of warmth, minimalism, and harmony to the marketplace. These simple touches not only protect the region’s natural beauty but also encourage sustainable preservation.

The Marche Vision is designed to offer a lavish lineup of fresh food. It is a convenient and easy-to-access market for local growers, providing an interactive and expansive space for the promotion and sale of locally-grown produce. Fresh vegetables, delicacies from the land and sea, and even seasonal seafood such as Ise spiny lobster and abalone straight from Ise-Shima are available at the Marche Vision market.